Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dystopia Essay Part 3

Throughout reading 1984 we have met in our groups to talk about what we believe is going on, and to ask any question we might have had. Through this I was able to have a new understanding of what we were reading and look at it from the different perspective of group members. While discussing the novel some important question were asked. The first major question asked was how did the Party take over and how are they so powerful? This question wasn’t easily answered but we began to brainstorm on it. We thought that maybe it was done through propaganda or in a peer pressure kind of way. We weren’t too sure if O’Brian was going to play a big of a role as he did. At first I didn’t even notice what to think of him and I didn’t think much of his character at all. My group helped me realize how big of a part he’d most likely play in this novel and predict what may happen. These are only a few things that we touched on in our discussion but my blog that is titled “1984-Disscussion Ideas” goes into it a little bit more. My group helped me to think a little bit differently. By thinking in a different way then I usually do I was able to come up with new ideas that I didn’t even think would happen.
As for blogging: I personally like blogs and think that they are a good way to express my ideas in a public form. I also like the fact that I can see what my classmates have written in my class and outside of it. The one thing that I think helps me out the most is that I can comment on other peoples blogs and they can comment on mine. This helps me understand the book better and shows me different ways to think and new ideas that I can come up with. Overall I think that blogs are a great idea.

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